Upgraded Indian Menus for Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

For all the Indian Foodies, we have spent 15 years designing our unique Masala Cruise Upgraded Indian Menus, prepared onboard at the direction of the Cruise Line’s specialty Indian Chefs. Only our Masala Cruise Guests (with special wristbands) will have exclusive access to our Upgraded Indian Menus, Buffet Style for Breakfast & Lunch and Family Style for Dinner.  Mainstream Menus available upon request at all times (perfect for multi-generational families!).

• Majority of items in upgraded Indian menus is VEGETARIAN.

• Please be patient with Service, and Accommodating to various Cruise Line Chefs’ cooking recipes and styles which may or may not be exactly like Mom’s or your favorite restaurant.

• Spice-levels are mild-medium to accommodate majority of guests.  Chilies & Pickles available.

• Masala Chai available at all exclusive dining locations and times.

• If you have a certain dietary restriction, please notify us 30 days in advance of the sailing.

• Special requests such as JAIN or NO-ONION NO GARLIC must be requested each time you sit down for a meal, and may require longer service times.

• Halal Menus are unfortunately not available.

• Two Sample Days of Menus are detailed below.