Book a Shore Excursion with Royal Caribbean

* Guaranteed First off the Ship

* Guaranteed Return to the Ship (or they will pay to fly you to the next Port)

* Easy 24 Hour Cancellation

* Destination Experts available to talk to during the Cruise

Royal Caribbean Shore Excursions may be more expensive than booking a licensed local tour, maybe even to the exact same spot, but it does come with the above 4 advantages and peace of mind that a particular excursion won't be sold out by the time you get on the pier.

Book a Shore Excursion with Shore Excursions Group

Shore Excursion Group is a private travel company that books worldwide for Dream Vacations’ parent company World Travel Holdings.  They have competitive pricing and you can also speak to a Destination Expert before booking.  Often if a particular Shore Excursions is sold out with the cruise line, you will find the same tour still available with Shore Excursion Group.  Cancellation is 14 days prior to the cruise, so only book if you are sure of your plans.  There is no support on the ship, and it is important that you print your Tour Meeting instructions and tickets and bring them with you on the Cruise.  You will not be able to access booking information or tickets onboard.

Explore On Your Own

Make no prior plans, and just walk out onto the port to visit the shops & restaurants right at the pier, and perhaps book a tour with one of many licensed local tour operators.  You can also book a licensed taxi for several hours to take you to various scenic points and activities.  All ports have some mild to moderate trekking trails right from the port, but be sure to ask how long the round trip journey would be to avoid being late on the return!  We do not recommend booking a local car or motorcycle, as you may get lost or into an accident, and miss the boarding time to get back on the ship, and the expense to fly to the next port or back to the next port or Seattle will be on your own.  Please report back to the ship for boarding one hour before the posted departed time.  More details about the top ten activities in each port coming soon.