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By clicking on REGISTER NOW below, you will be leaving to the ONLINE REGISTRATION SITE by our travel agency DreamVacations for this Masala Cruise 42 Group. By registering, you are REQUESTING a cabin.  YOU ARE NOT GUARANTEED A CABIN just by registering, rather we will first receive your information, BOOK the cabin type and passenger county you request, or, if not available, we will call you with alternate choices available.  Once you accept the alternate cabin and rates, we will take your credit card for the deposit to guarantee the cabin.  Deposits are $500 pp for the 1st & 2nd passenger, and $250 for the 3rd & 4th passenger.  $250 pp for 1st & 2nd passenger is NONREFUNDABLE, and the balance is refundable through 03/01/2017.


To register you will need the legal name, date of birth and citizenship of each passenger in a stateroom.  Complete one separate registration for each stateroom.   To add 3rd & 4th guests’ in a stateroom, type in their legal names, date of births, and citizenship in the ADDITIONAL INFO section at the very end.  It is not guaranteed to be able to find a CABIN with TRIPLE or QUAD occupancy cabins.  If you have any questions while registering, please call 866-3-MASALA. Online Registration does not automatically book you in the group or with the Cruise Line.  After we receive your registration, our Reservations Manager will you by phone or email to confirm all your information and that the category and stateroom location meets your needs.  Once you are satisfied with the stateroom, we will take your credit card information by phone and send you an invoice confirmation that you are deposited and booked.


Masala Cruises will contact you during regular business hours 10AM – 5PM MON – FRI.  If you would like to be reached in alternate hours, please email with your alternate availability.   Online Registration will close once our unsold group inventory cabins are released, and only Phone Registration will be available.